A personal chef service differs from a catering service in that all the food preparation is done in your home rather than prepared in advance in a commercial kitchen and kept at serving temperature until it's served. That means you'll truly enjoy "home cooked" meals, prepared for you right in your own kitchen.
Here's how the process works when you hire me to cook Meals "Ready to Heat":
1. The process begins with an interview. I'll meet with you to discuss your personal preferences regarding menus: specific food likes and dislikes as well as any allergy considerations or dietary restrictions you may have. I prefer to conduct the interview in your home so that I can get acquainted with your kitchen and understand what basic equipment you have in the way of pots, pans and serving dishes.
2. Each weekend I'll plan 5 dinners for the following week. Over the weekend, I'll FAX the menus to you for your approval.
3. Once we agree on the menus, I'll do the shopping, choosing only the freshest, highest quality ingredients required for your week of meals. If just a pinch of this or a handful of that is needed, I often supply these things (dry goods or spices) myself, saving you money.
4. At a mutually agreed-to time on Monday, I'll arrive at your home to start cooking the week's meals. In addition to the groceries, I also bring my own knives and any special cookware the menu demands. I will prepare the entire week's meals on Monday and leave them packaged for you with all the instructions you need to serve them for the remainder of the week.
6. When I'm done preparing the meals, I'll clean up, leaving your kitchen just as I found it. The only evidence you'll have that I was there are 5 delicious, home-cooked meals sitting in your fridge, all "ready to heat."
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