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One of the things I pride myself on is creating a unique experience for each client...your event should reflect your tastes and preferences. Because each client is different, with different needs, tastes and preferences, there is no "one size fits all" pricing. Pricing depends on the type of event, the food and beverages you choose, number of guests and preparation and cleanup time.

That said, I can assure you that I will do my best to make sure your dining experience is not only unique but competitively priced! In general, you can expect to pay about what you would pay in a fine restaurant.
I price Dinner Parties and Meals "ready to heat" on a "time and materials" basis. That means you pay for the cost of food and other items that need to be purchased for your meal(s), as well as an hourly rate for my services, including travel, shopping, preparation, serving and cleanup time. For Dinner Parties, my hourly rate is $55/hour. For Meals "ready to heat," I offer a discounted hourly rate of $40/hour for your volume commitment.
For larger events such as cocktail parties and dinners for a large number of people, I can either price on a "time and materials" basis as I do dinner parties, or on a per person basis. In either case, the price depends largely on the menu you choose and the number of guests. During the planning stage, you can give me a budget and I'll make suggestions that will keep costs in line with your budget.
I will provide you with an estimate of costs at the time we agree on a final menu or set of menus. I ask for a 30% deposit in advance to cover the cost of groceries. The remainder of the payment is due when I have completed my services. I accept both cash and checks.