"Whenever we have had Sharon prepare her fabulous evenings, they are always different and delicious. Sharon tries new things but she also takes into consideration the group she will be serving. She always works very hard and is extremely organized. She arrives and quietly goes to work. The presentation is always lovely and she puts a lot of herself into her work.

After the wonderful dinner is over, the kitchen is left immaculate, all of her things are gone, she has left quietly and the only thing that you hear is the hum of your dishwasher. Words cannot tell you what a fantastic evening you will experience when Sharon works her kitchen magic. You will just have to try her and see for yourself. You will love every bite!"
Susan Wilson, Clark, CO                                                 >>Read the entire letter
"Ashburn's cooking exudes confidence...she is well versed in the French tradition yet unafraid to push against it's constraints." Baltimore Magazine
"I hired Sharon to cater a holiday family gathering; the first in our new home in Clark, CO. Everything was perfect; the serving of drinks, the choice of appetizers. Courses were well-paced and the food -- the food was magnificent! ...I was able to enjoy the company of my family and friends, knowing I was in good hands -- what an incredible luxury! Sharon is a consummate expert. She is an incredible Chef, earned by years of experience. I recommend highly with sincere enthusiasm, the services of 'Stay at Home Chef' and Sharon Ashburn." Dana Morton, Clark CO                         >>Read the entire letter


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